I teach online via ZOOM Cloud meetings, and you are welcome to schedule a private online lesson. Just send me an e-mail or PM on social media. When you book your first lesson you will receive a PDF copy of my fundamental routine “How I start my day”.

I have an educational diploma from Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo, and I have 16 years of teaching experience. Here is a short resume of what I have done as a teacher:

Masterclasses and recitals in several of the Universities for Music in Norway, a few in the US and some in Spain. I have been the euphonium teacher at the University of Oslo and have some high school teaching on regular bases. I also teach one 11-year-old kid once a week and have some private students on weekly bases and some more seldom. I have worked as a conductor in school bands and amateurs wind bands, taught at summer band camps and weekend band camps at all levels.

My main goal and approach to teaching is that I don’t really care so much about the level I teach at – because to be a really good teacher you need to put yourself away, and focus all your energy to make the person in front of you succeed and develop. Where you start out is not so interesting really. It’s where you end out that matters!

Photo by: CF-Wesenberg/kolonihavenstudio.no

Teaching materials and arrangements:

I write arrangements for wind band, euphonium ensemble, tuba quartet and sometimes other ensembles. So far most of the wind band music is for beginneres. I find that we are lacking good ensemble music for this age group. As an educator it`s important for me to give everybody a possiblitiy to develop their musical brain and instrumental skills and take part in the joy of music!  You can buy most of the music here as PDF – direct download:


Some of it you can also find here:


I have written three method books for beginners on euphonim, and a book containing “daily drills” and a lot for your brain to work with, for advanced players: